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How to analyze people on sight

Extraordinary book! The Authors of How to Analyze people on sight Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict give 5 examples of different types of people.

Every type has its own strangenesses… (if you will). The interesting part begins when you start recognising similarities between the types in the book and yourself. Believe me, these guys know their stuff. It was really exciting reading this book.

It was fun reading this book.

I hope you like it!

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CHAPTER I – The Alimentive Type – “The Enjoyer”

CHAPTERII – The Thoracic Type – “The Thriller”

CHAPTER III – The Muscular Type – “The Worker”

CHAPTERIV – The Osseous Type – “The Stayer”

CHAPTER V – The Cerebral Type – “The Thinker”

CHAPTER VI – Types That Should and
Should Not Marry Each Other

CHAPTER VII – Vocations for Each Type




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Part 1 (zip)
Part 2 (zip)
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